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eMusic is the #1 site for independent music, with a library of over 1,000,000 MP3s from more than 90,000 albums.

Every new customer to eMusic can download up to 25 MP3s over 14 days free of charge. Thatís $25 worth of free music, and itís your  to keep!

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  • The good: eMusic offers songs in the (unprotected) MP3 format, which will play on any MP3 player; diverse catalog of independent labels; works on any platform; variable-bit-rate downloads; highbrow editorial content; archived live shows and events.
  • The bottom line: Open usage policy, a low per-download price point, and intelligent editorial content make eMusic a boon for fans of independent labels.

In the ever-changing pay-to-play market, liberal usage policies and fresh editorial content have kept eMusic afloat. Indeed, this approach is no doubt why eMusic is the second most popular online music store (behind iTunes). Although the company no longer prescribes to the free-for-all frame of mind that dominated its early days, users are still rewarded with unlimited playing, burning, and transferring of files provided in the nearly universally supported MP3 format. The one caveat? You must subscribe to one of three plans: choose 40 downloads for $9.99, 65 downloads for $14.99, or 90 downloads for $19.99. Though eMusic's per-song price works out to be a comparatively cheap 22 to 25 cents, those who prefer the freedom of a la carte downloading (and more mainstream music) are better off with open-handed stores such as iTunes and Rhapsody.


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